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tv   Headline News  RT  June 15, 2014 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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rioters lash out at the russian embassy and here with police doing nothing to stop the massed radicals ukraine's top diplomat was also on the scene rallying the crowds and condemning russia's president. ukraine has less than ten hours to pay at least half its debt to rush pardon me russia or face switching to a pretty face system this is talking to avert the crisis are reportedly still are to weigh in. the u.s. sends an aircraft carrier to the persian gulf as iraq's government struggles to deter a jihadist fighters threatening to advance on baghdad after seizing control of several major cities in the country's north.
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two am in moscow i mattress are bring you today's top stories and a look back at the week's news masked men attacked the russian embassy in the ukrainian capital with stones and petrol bombs with authorities doing little to stop them ukraine's interim foreign minister also showed up injured cheers from the crowd after shouting obscenities about russia's president putin artie's paul scott has the details. despite the fact that there was no police presence to stop events unfolding on saturday which is in breach of the vienna convention incidentally which says that all embassy should be protected from attack by the host nation despite this lack of police presence one official did turn up that was ukraine's interim foreign minister he was there siding with the demonstrate is he expressed his concern for the safety of the ukrainian stuff inside the embassy but he also
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called for the closure of the border between russia and ukraine but the diplomats was caught on camera using less than diplomatic language when talking about russian president vladimir putin. because it was so good i think it looks like you know. what the comment means for diplomatic relations between russia and ukraine remains to be seen russia have taken their concerns over saturday's events to the united nations that calling for a resolution condemning the attack on their embassy which is apparently being blocked by western nations now police say it all started on saturday when around one hundred demonstrators arrived outside the embassy carrying anti russia placards and shouting anti putin slogans but the mood soon turned sour and the atmosphere deteriorated when masked men believed to be from the right sector turned up they started pelting the building with paint and with eggs and they smashed windows as well they overturned vehicles and smashed cars to pieces the demonstrators are
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angry accusing russia of supplying arms to anti-government forces in the east of ukraine it's believed that many of the masked men were from the right sector because they were red and black right sector has given their identity away. u.s. ambassador in kiev didn't seem to mind ukraine's f.m. denouncing another country's president here's a tweet where he praises ukraine's top diplomat one ukrainian official was able to find common ground with the protesters by swearing at vladimir putin but another one tried a more hands on approach and failed to fit in with the crowd. i i . this is a. being encouraged by protesters to throw her to her stone at the embassy like they've been doing. and we did people at the scene uprootedness actions at first but the m.p. did find out how firsthand how mob mentality can change quickly if someone called
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him out for driving a luxury car and the deputy was then pelted in the face with green and deceptive solution is seen in since the protesters also punctured his car's tires he had to take the bus home russia filed an official complaint he have over the embassy attack and wants compensation for the damage the profane statement by the ukrainian foreign ministry also didn't go unnoticed by russia's foreign minister as well. so the little booklet well i was particularly offended that the so-called protesters would join but the interim parliament appointed foreign minister of ukraine he took the liberty of making statements that transgress the bounds of decency i realize he's learned from someone else those in washington who support the current ukrainian authorities aren't shy of using strong language but it has to moderate his language nevertheless i don't know how he's going to communicate with us now with no reason to believe that the attack on the embassy was organized by the ukrainian authorities but i have no doubt that this is
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a sign of the impunity they feel if because of the way our western partners support them ukraine's president hasn't said anything about the attack on the russian embassy in kiev yet michael carly is an expert on russian relations and he thinks that president poroshenko is being cautious because he's had a tough spot. i'm guessing that he needs to consolidate his american brokers and perhaps of sort of his private sector backers. he's caught between a rock and a hard place his main strongest backers want to open with russia but he's not a stupid man and he must know that. would put an end to his presidency if i were in his. as. he doesn't have a lot of time to make his mind up the sitting on top of that leaving no. military operation that's activists need from ukraine is continuing to more places in the region under a barrage of shelling one town is in the den at screeching here's what it looks
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like after the poem barred meant apparently artillery and a rocket launcher projectiles hit a central market and a bus station halting public transportation and government forces and the army are blaming each other for this there is another video from a village near the flashpoint city of slovyansk apparently showing the aftermath of shelling and what looks like projectiles falling from the sky they are anti-government activists accuse the millet. area of using phosphorus bombs which are bad and internationally earlier this week a video emerges allegedly showing fire bombs dropping on the city of slovyansk which remains one of the targets of the military's artillery shelling a british army intelligence officer recently returned from ukraine says the evidence points at the use of banned phosphorus weapons. i've seen the video of looks at it closely it does indeed tally with what one might hope signs the hallmarks of white phosphorous use for example a very bright light but in and multiple. coming down from the sky it's an app to
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use such as a multitude of props and craft and then of course again the talent still burning the videos i've seen in the daytime showing actually this very. white gray smoke white phosphorus being used it's an alarming development of course it needn't necessarily be legal but it depends on the consent and that's exactly why of course and indeed other people even from the west should be even if they haven't should be calling for pumping for an investigation of this incident to prevent escalating. meanwhile two employees of a russian t.v. channel currently being held by ukrainian authorities in ny perpetrates they were apprehended saturday in the most recent incident of a string of detentions of russian journalists in the country find out more about their plight on r.t. dot com. at least five reported killed in another thirty five wounded in fighting between jihadi militants and government troops in iraq the city of tal afar sectarian tensions spiked across the nation after
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a group known as isis launched an insurgency campaign in the north of the country they overran several key cities in the region and are not threatening to close in on baghdad iraqi government has claimed to have the militants onslaught though and said are preparing for a counter operation struggling to deter the extremist the country's leadership is calling on volunteers to join the fight and hundreds are believed to have answered the call concern over developments in the nation the u.s. says it's sending an aircraft carrier group to the persian gulf marine important as more. but when leaving behind a sovereign stable and self-reliant iraq two and a half years later the people america left behind are running away fleeing for their lives on hoth a million people have already escaped from iraq's second city mosul off the i.s.i. al forced the army to retreat reports a gunman have also sees a nearby oil refinery town iraq's prime minister calling for a state of emergency after hundreds of gunman took control of strategic parts of
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the northern city of mosul by wednesday militants had seized the turkish consulate in muscle kidnapping the head of diplomatic mission and two dozen staff members some thirty thousand iraqi soldiers reportedly turned and ran as militants from the islamic state of iraq and syria known as isis moved in unleashing an all out assault on the city they've taken control of hospitals police stations they have taken control of ammunition dumps and weapons stores that the fleeing government forces of what they've left behind many of the abandoned weapons and military hardware now in the hands of hardline terrorists who are imported into iraq from gas where i think you all are aware of the shipments that we've provided that include the delivery of three hundred hellfire missiles millions of rounds of small arms fire thousands of rounds of tank ammunition helicopter fired rockets that iraqi security forces and don't forget about the u.s. supplied humvees here you can see isis insurgents riding and inspecting the
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vehicles driving them across the border into war torn syria critics call it an unintended consequence of the u.s. war in iraq coming home to roost there weren't any real sizable organized militant groups in iraq until al qaeda of the mesopotamia rose during that to fight back to the u.s. invasion to help the army we've trained them for eight years and that didn't seem to work. bush dismantled the original iraqi army after the us invasion and that's the root of the problem the u.s. war in iraq cost washington close to one trillion dollars in the lives of more than forty five hundred soldiers hundreds of thousands of iraqis have reportedly been killed while the u.s. was looking for w m d's and spreading democracy. the unified and competent iraqi military that was allegedly established has buckled weapons that were made in
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the usa are now in the hands of america's enemies and the country left to fend for itself in a state of crisis. r t the un says more of a thousand civilians have been killed this month alone eight hundred thousand people forced to flee their homes to escape the advancing jobless situation it not better for the troops either isis claims that it's executed around seven hundred captured iraqi soldiers let's take a look at why the army appears to be so powerless in the face of the islamist fighters firstly when the extremists seize mosul it opened up access to cash arms and ammunition another key asset isis is striving to capture iraq's largest oil refinery militants did break briefly gain control over it before being pushed out by the army the number of militants is growing in the group is said to have helped hundreds of prisoners escaped from jail swelling their ranks also is exploiting and fueling sectarian tension in the city gathering support among radicalized sunni muslims while another branch of the group operates across the border in syria
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providing a steady flow of reinforcements peter van buren who served the u.s. foreign service for more than two twenty years thinks the world is beginning to feel the consequences of the u.s. led war in iraq. when you deliver weapons to the battlefield you really have no control over what happens to them the united states has made a number of terrible mistakes in iraq and supplying all these weapons including air to ground missiles and things that could easily leak out of iraq and threaten us elsewhere everything that we're seeing today is made inevitable by the two thousand and three invasion the united states never understood that iraq was three separate states the sunni the shia and the kurds state held together by a strong man saddam and a very powerful security apparatus when all of that was done away with it was inevitable that some kind of settling was going to be necessary for these three groups to live what you're seeing right now is the inevitable settling of the mess
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the united states kicked over. still to come in the program scotland's independence referendum a little more than three months away with polls suggesting support for independence has reached a new high we take a look at arguments being made by both sides. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy albus. rule. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across silicon we've been a hydrogen lying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once it's all just my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go
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beyond identifying the problem to try and rational debate and a real discussion of critical issues facing us to find ready to join the movement then walk a little bit there. the last digit gas talk between russia and ukraine still reportedly ongoing in kiev less than ten hours remain until the deadline which would see moscow switch to
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switch ukraine to a prepay system of gas supplies to avert this kiev must pay at least half its gas debt with now exceeds four billion dollars our farmers spoke with me to the coaching of about why the deal seems so far away. average single party that is involved in this really ongoing dispute only stand to lose and russia including us the country is losing billions in rafa news and we're talking about an enormous sum of money that the state budget is quite depended on and of course there is the country's reputation as a reliable allergy supplier now that refutation is currently at stake you mentioned russia presumably kiev is going to lose the most it's true while however while the row has rumbled on at the same time ukraine has been secretly stockpiling gas reserves and just recently the country's government announced that they do have enough to last app until i am and that's even without pain now apart from that ukrainian people do stand to lose out simply dance are piling up and
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russia has already offered any lower gas price but more and the longer a key of refuses to compromise and negotiate the the higher the eventual bill will be many people want to show you the rest of europe is a bystander in all this but actually europe could suffer to it's true because europe is not at all a bystander actually the european supplies are most at triscuit but just looking simply at this graphic suit can see how much you are is the pattern on gas from supplies and there's actually more than that for some european nations gas from is the only an energy source so if this continues to be the case when ukraine refuses to compromise which it does at the moment then you are likely face is being cut off
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in the near future and we've been in that situation before when ukraine feel to me that it's a gas obligations and that's led to only one thing ukraine was siphoning off gas that wasn't. tended for european customers so just recently the borel bank asked a maid at that such as the naira could see a massive prize hike for gas for european nations in some cases up to fifty percent and actually i try to sell mother some of the factors there are styling this negotiations but still no deal despite concession after compromise after concession. for c. on the sort of we were numb pickles is the russians offered to reduce the gas price spike one hundred dollars a so-called discount on those cute and so they did a lowering the price to three hundred eighty five dollars per thousand cubic meters which is roughly what european countries pay for russian gas what's more moscow is
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ready to guarantee that trade for increased a year now refereeing the e.u. found the offer fair. i believe three hundred eighty five dollars is a reduction and it can be considered reasonable but with some people you give an inch and they take a mile and we support the we pay the price that we consider is the market rate and that is two hundred sixty eight dollars for a thousand cubic meters or so but when mr crane a you know has been offered a very generous discount on this i think they still want all and that really is quite incredible that the butt of the ukrainian government is i don't think any amount of this got ready will satisfy you create their support for fight it however give stubbornness may not be rooted in what it needs but what it wants which could well be profits. of ukraine wants to receive cheap gas and resell it
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basically making money using russia it's a very odd position. another stumbling block what to do with ukraine's four and a half billion dollar gas debt to russia. ukraine's naftogaz is not going to pay its debt to gasp from until we reach a package agreement but he's acquitted because that on the strategy of the ukrainian side is outright blackmail according to kiev a deal can be reached only and exclusively on ukrainian terms russia's gas from offering to save the day or at least offered a huge saving pay half of the debts and get a twenty percent discount on the rest otherwise ukraine would be switched to a pay in advance system russia needs to make sure that ukraine is paying the market price no ifs no buts no cackling no waffle in the market price as another country does. so far the quarreling sides have failed
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to reach an amicable solution if the teachers practically ukraine's acting prime minister has scuppered the talks from the start ukraine took no constructive steps made no compromises and apparently wants to maximally aggravate our gas relations which may not be says ing well with the european partners the ukrainian government is being intransigent and also putting the people of europe at risk that's why the e.u. is actually cautiously supporting russia's position at this time though with monday's deadline taking average closer helps for a breakthrough is slowly fading away and in the question r.t. moscow air freshener cuts energy supply the ukraine a country could resort to siphoning transit gas destined for europe a possibility that concerns brussels government can sign business can solve kristoff horsed all things there is one party that would like to see them go she
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asians collapse. well it's not looking very good honestly and the moscow is shown all kinds of patience and lead in this and reduce the prize and to stop the old about things like that washington's intent is to you know stop the good understanding in the europe between the e.u. and russia and a good vehicle to do that is this kind of you know gas trouble created in effect with washington spec'ing and so we need not wait for any you know good approach of the interim regime more stories for you on line including two dimension policemen in the u.k. spending eighty five thousand dollars on a cardboard cutout of law enforcement officers to stop shoplifters more on that in our team. and this video showing hockey fans in l.a. celebrating their team's stanley cup victory enthusiastically throwing objects into the air and downing what's not to be a spy drone belonging to the l.a.p.d.
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on our website footage and the rest of the story. the moment for scotland to make its big decision is drawing closer with less than one hundred days till its independence referendum both sides busy trying to sway undecided scots the no camp has a clear lead in the polls but their opponents have been steadily gaining ground and increasing their support by four percent in the last four months for some the choice is between independence or not but between two different visions of scotland yard he's been listening to opinions from both sides. and. a good deal of money and bills to get a good deal a deal of money out we have a lot of skulls and we've got to worry about we're going to pay off our pension bill the oil is going to get taxes and roll tears from it. you know the all prices dropping through the floor you can be sure. you know you're tired call me on oil with me together through war and peace at least people are just fanatics for what it's worth this is
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a vast it's for the for the united states and we want to break with that and everything that means but we all we want to say that we want to have influence we want to have influence with politics the way the economy in britain has been run just know who is leading towards massive inequality on a historic scale and i think the real question is can we afford not to vote yes in september. an essential russian region of krasnoyarsk an explosion at a refinery has reportedly left at least one dead seven wounded any and seven have been brought to the hospital and another four are unaccounted for a technical failure is believed to have caused the blast according to eyewitness reports nearby buildings were damaged and smoke could be seen for kilometers the blaze has now been put out by fire fighters. and taking a look now at some other stories making international headlines at least seven killed and several wounded in an attack in yemen according to reports a gunman opened fire on a bus carrying medical personnel and no one's admitted to the attack but an al qaeda branch operates in the area. four people killed as
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a renegade libyan general launched a fresh wave of attacks on islam ists in benghazi the military leaders offensive on the city forced dozens of families to flee authorities are trying to restore order in the country ahead of parliamentary elections planned for the end of june they retired general backed by the army promised to get rid of islamist in libya. at least eleven dead including an infant after a car slammed into a bus in haiti according to officials the driver lost control possibly due to speeding car accidents often happen in haiti because of frequent violations of traffic laws. brazilian police reportedly fired tear gas to disperse protesters gathered in the country's second largest city demonstrators marched against management of the ongoing football tournament the cost of the world cup has caused clashes in several cities in brazil and in other countries. up next next on a boy discusses the situation in iraq with a former u.s. ambassador to the country stay with us for worlds of.
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technology innovation all the developments around russia. that's huge you're covered. on marriage in the financial world. series to goldman i mean it started as a dance only take it no demand for credit not going to get any economic benefit in life there are good and there are books. choose your language. holy week over the internet you'll send us a still some. very. good consensus you can.
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choose the opinions that you think. choose the stories get in a good night. choose be access to often. hello and welcome to all the part a week ago the ukrainian crisis came to one of the greatest challenges to global peace and security it but thousands of extremists overtaking iraq's second largest city helped put things into perspective will the advance of isis in iraq change washington political calculus well to discuss that i'm now joined by christopher hill a former u.s.
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ambassador to iraq and the current dean of the joseph horrible school of international studies at the university of denver ambassador hill thank you very much for being on the show my pleasure now the ukrainian crisis if i could start with that was about security both for russia and the west and i think both sides want very far in defending their security interests and yet somehow despite the continuing blachford in ukraine you know the events in the rack really seem to preserve a security danger a security challenge of a totally different magnitude i wonder if they can be a sort of reality check for some of the decision makers in washington as far as what the real danger really is ok well let me first say that i think the ukrainian crisis is still with us and i think it's in every one interest that ukraine emerge from this crisis with its sovereignty in tact with its territorial integrity intact
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so my hope is that there's an understanding that it's necessary to work with the new ukrainian government and to encourage positive trends in ukraine so i think that's an issue that is still very much open but now let me turn if i could and i just wanted to mention that mayor most american t.v. networks are leaving the north with ukraine today but we. the rock so that sort of shows if they can if they can solve that issue at least for the american public yes i think the issue with iraq has a special resonance with american audiences because so many thousands tens of thousands of americans have spent time in iraq so obviously this is going to be the number one issue for some time the real question is how do we come out in iraq certainly i think this i.c.e.'s group which is essentially a group dedicated to the proposition of creating a sort of caliphate between syria and iraq and clearly this is a major attack against the current order in the middle east and so i think it is in
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everybody's interests united states russia and many other countries to calm the situation down and for now i think it's going to be difficult if difficult to disagree with you on that you mentioned tens of thousands of americans serving in iraq and i just want to mention that four in the half thousand americans lost their lives there but the question is why for i mean president obama takes credit for winding down these two very unpopular wars one in afghanistan and one in iraq but i want to have these in very rapid advance of isis said just the base self-congratulatory rhetoric on the part of the white house was a bit premature well i think it's very clear that president obama has wanted to extract the united states from these wars and he has done so over the course of his administration.


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